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The Modern Love Box Couples : Behind the Scenes

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The Modern Love Box Couples & Prelaunch Recap

Check out what The Modern Love Box has been up to and get introduced to The Modern Love Box Couples.

Like anything, starting a new company can be stressful and at times, even boring. Similarly to longterm relationship dilemmas, (i.e. we can get bored with routine and lack of mystery), Aron and I typically enjoy making our “job” more exciting by working remotely as often as possible. [As you can see, Aron snapped a shot of me while we were enjoying one of Denver’s beautiful Spring days on the patio of one of our favorite staycation spots, The Art Hotel]. We like to switch it up, people! (And not just in our relationship, but in our sometimes mundane tasks for work). It keeps things exciting which helps us enjoy every moment!

We don’t always change things up, however. One thing that Aron and I do like to keep consistent is working with other amazing creatives, such as our Photographer. We were fortunate enough to meet Chelsey, owner and photographer of Friends and Lovers Photography, when Aron and I were planning our wedding in 2015. We immediately fell in love with her energy and personally connected to her natural talent of capturing such candid and raw moments. We hired her on the spot and have worked with her ever since with our most impactful life moments.

From engagement photos to boudoir sessions, Chelsey has shared and captured some of our most intimate moments. She has seen me freak out, she has seen us cry. She has helped make the most awkward of moments, comfortable. We are lucky and grateful to have found her.

Chelsey is not only our favorite photographer, but she has also become a great friend. So when we decided to run with this new endeavor, we instantly knew she would be the one we would turn to help us capture the excitement of our new company, The Modern Love Box.

The Modern Love Box Couples consisted of two very sweet pairs. The first, are a lovely married couple who became friends with Chelsey over Instagram when they realized they were neighbors and mutual chicken fanatics. The photo shoot was our first meet, but we immediately felt welcomed and were greeted with kindness. The second pair are really close friends to Aron and I, and they are actually getting close to tying the knot in a few months!

Capturing the authentic moment was easy with The Modern Love Box Couples, especially with Chelsey’s photographic expertise and the openness of our couples. It was exciting for Aron and I to not only get amazing images, but to also witness first hand couple’s reactions to our program and products. Seeing The Modern Love Box couples interact with curiosity and laughter, was truly the biggest gift. I wish we could do it again!

As I mentioned, one of The Modern Love Box couples we photographed is our close friends. We figured it wasn’t going to be awkward since we have basically crossed boundaries in our near 6 years of friendship, but I think that’s what made their shoot so energetic. It was fun to see them so engaged and excited about exploring each other… [at times our crew was even bashful, as things were getting pretty spicy! I’m not sure they even noticed we were all in the room….] HAHA!The Modern Love Box Couples : Get Inspired

Part of capturing The Modern Love Box couple’s enthusiasm was our goal, but we truly had no idea they would be so naturally receptive and curious. It was nice to not have to be super directive with the photo shoot, as they mostly gravitated toward the products and communication exercises. The behavioral reaction was purely authentic and we could not have asked for a better photoshoot.


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