The Modern Love Box 101

The Modern Love Box 101 : Review our recently asked questions

Q: What exactly is a “Subscription Box?”

A subscription box company is an ecommerce business, allowing customers to purchase a reoccurring subscription (i.e. the company’s box of goodies) that get mailed to customers monthly.

Q: Why is The Modern Love Box a unique subscription box?

Q: Who would benefit from The Modern Love Box subscription?

Anyone twosome at any stage of their relationship! You just need two partners willing and wanting to learn how to better connect and spice things up mentally, emotionally and sexually. Our boxes are not intended for couples in severe crisis, however, our program may be beneficial to use in addition to your treatment in couples counseling. Ask your therapist what they may recommend.

Q: How do I join The Modern Love Box subscription program?

It’s easy. Order your subscription and pay one time. Get automatically billed every month on the day you ordered and receive your monthly box. Commit to consistent monthly connection!

Q: What are inside the boxes and what can we expect to do once we receive them?

As we mentioned before, anticipation builds desire. Desire can get lost in a longterm relationship, because we become too adapted to our environment and always know to to expect with each other. This can suffocate the element of excitement and surprise. So because of this, we cannot specifically disclose everything that we have in our boxes to keep the two of you guessing!

However, you can expect:

Different Concept Every Time

Every box has a different concept created by our Relationship Expert, allowing you and your partner to connect on something new every month!

Luxury Products

You can expect to receive luxury and artisan products that are carefully selected for creative connection and intimate desire.

Made with Love & Expert Knowledge

Your boxes are made with the intent of supporting the two of you getting closer.

Activities & Positive Challenges

Every box includes easy to follow activities/challenges/games that help build meaningful conversation and fun.

Q: How often do we receive a subscription box from The Modern Love Box?

Couples will receive their box every month between the 18th-23rd. (Please keep in mind that such events out of our control, e.g holidays and weather may affect this!)

You can also purchase a “You Make Everything Better” box if you do not want to subscribe!

Q: Because The Modern Love Box is created by a Couples Therapist, can this be used to save our marriage?

Our company’s program does not make any guarantees for the success of your relationship after subscribing. You may experience a therapeutic advantage after using our program consistently, however, our product is not intended to be therapy/counseling, or cure/treat any severe crisis or dysfunction in a relationship. If you are in any severe crisis in your relationship, we would recommend seeing a couples counselor in your home city before trying our program, first. Our program may be used as a great tool in collaboration with your own couples counseling however, just ask your therapist what they may recommend!

Q: What if I want to give The Modern Love Box as a gift?

Is someone you know getting married, or maybe you want to give our program to someone as a unique gift. (I mean… who wouldn’t enjoy gaining the experiences of getting to know their partner better, right?) Our gift option is COMING SOON! However, if you’d like to gift our subscription prior to our gift option, send us a message and we can take care you.

You can purchase a “You Make Everything Better” box and ship it to their home!

Q: What if we try The Modern Love Box subscription and decide it’s not for us, can we cancel our subscription at any time?

Of course! You do not need to keep a long term commitment to us if you don’t want to. Because we are subscription, you’ll need to cancel before the 1st of the month without being re-billed for the following month’s box. To cancel, contact us at support and we can do it for you. Please review our cancellation policy for more information.


Q: We aren’t married, can we still benefit from The Modern Love Box subscription box?

Absolutely! We love the idea of non-married couples using our program. It’s a great way for any couple to be preventative and benefit from connecting in ways that you don’t typically do. Being married is not a requirement!

Q: We are a same sex couple, can we benefit from The Modern Love Box subscription?

Yes, of course! Our subscription program is intended for any twosome willing and wanting to explore each other in different ways to better enhance their relationship. Our boxes will be extremely fluid with the content, non-gender specific products and easy to use for any two people, regardless of sexuality or preference. (However, please stay tuned, as our future goals are to create more specific driven boxes for genders if you’d prefer, to help cultivate a more personalized experience).

Q: Are there any couples that would not benefit from The Modern Love Box?

Our program is meant to inspire relationships and help build overall relationship enhancement. However, our program is not intended to cure or save any relationship in severe crisis and we recommend these couples try counseling first before attempting our program. Our boxes may be a great additional tool to use while going to couples counseling, but please ask your therapist what they may recommend first.

Q: How much does this cost and how often am I charged?

Less than a date night out, but a worthy investment to create overall relationship enhancement. Every month you will be billed $54/month which includes your box of luxury goodies, a curated experience and a communication activity!

Q: How long does it take to receive our Modern Love Box?

It takes about 3-5 days to ship to most places in the US, so you can expect to receive your monthly subscription box between the 18th-23rd. (Please keep in mind that such events out of our control, e.g holidays and weather may affect this!)

Q: Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship to continental US states.

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