What to do in Lockdown

What to do in Lockdown : Things to Try with Your Partner

What to do in lockdown can be a question you have been asking yourselves for months. It was a tough year to say the least and we still have uncertainties about the future. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to value our relationships and loving moments together. The Modern Love Box was created prior to the devastating 2020 year, to help busy couples reconnect and enhance their intimate times together; but now more than ever, we need intentional time together to break up the stay at home ruts of our lives. If you find yourselves arguing more or at least just connecting less, than it may be time to spice up the monotony. At one point in your relationship, you couldn't keep your hands off of each other; you were interested in what each other had to say. You were curious about each other's lives. Sometimes when we are forced to spend so much time together, or when stress has gotten the best of us, it's hard to have boundaries, alone time and/or energy to connect. The Modern Love Box can help!

What to do in Lockdown: #1 Communicate Intentionally

Try our Digital Subscription (first month is free!) Created by our Relationship Therapist at Modern Love Counseling, each month includes questions that help the two of you deepen your communication and help foster more emotional intimacy. On your next walk, dinner or date night in, take turns asking each other the questions and have fun being inspired to discuss topics you don't generally talk about. Enjoy getting curious about each other again!

What to do in Lockdown: #2 Set Boundaries in Your Schedules

If you are working from home, it is crucial to set up your work day as you would when you'd go into the office. Wake up, drink your coffee, take a shower, get ready; all before you even check your emails. Starting off your day with a good AM routine will really benefit your entire day. If you're both working from home, schedule times to have lunch together, or at least dinner. Create time to disconnect and go for a walk or have some alone time to take a bath. Just because we are working from home, does not mean we have to constantly be working when we are home! Boundaries are essential.

What to do in Lockdown: #3 Schedule Date Nights

Even if we can't go anywhere, we should still prioritize our date nights. Order from your favorite swanky restaurant, rent a movie or buy a game. Do something intentional that offers you both a break from the day-to-day stresses of life. Try streaming a virtual tour over a bottle of wine, go through old photos, or paint portraits of each other. If you'd like to be pushed out of your comfort zones, try one of our boxes that offer communication activities, a curated experience and products to help guide you to feeling closer.

What to do in Lockdown: #4 Be Silly

Kick it old school and bring back old card games you used to play in childhood. Dig up old board games, or even better, play hide and seek or have a dance party in your living room! Do something silly that helps your brains turn off and escape the uncertainties of life.

What to do in Lockdown: #5 Prioritize Self Care

This one may be hard if you feel your outlets have been taken away. The year 2020 has definitely taught us how to be resourceful and if we aren't able to go anywhere, it doesn't mean we can't actively take care of ourselves. If you generally go and get massages, take turns giving each other one. If you liked to go to the spa, buy some bath salts and essential oils and relax. Snuggle up with a nice book and disconnect from the world for a couple hours. Have children? Take turns watching the children to give each other every other weekend to devote to each other's self care. Struggling with your emotions? Contact a therapist to ensure your mental health is being tended to. Work out as often as possible to get your body moving. Do something daily that makes you happy and reinforces you don't have any responsibilities in that moment.

What to do in Lockdown: #6 Learn to Cook Something New

If you don't normally cook, or you cook all the time, make it a priority to learn how to cook something out of our comfort zone. Make it fun and introduce your pallet and skillset to something different. Check out these online Cooking Classes and next date night, whip up something new together!

What to do in Lockdown: #7 Try an online Yoga Class

Yoga isn't for everyone, but it's definitely worth trying. Yoga can help with slowing down your mind, getting your heart rate up and reseting emotionally. If you suffer from anxiety or tension from stress, give it a try. Couples yoga could also be a fun idea to try together, too!

What to do in Lockdown: #8 Declutter

A new year, a new "start." Maybe make a Sunday Funday with mimosas (or OJ) and declutter a closet, basement or drawer. It's emotionally gratifying to organize your space and why not do it together and have fun while doing it?

What to do in Lockdown: #9 Read

Now is the time to start reading! Reading is so healthy for your brain, easy on your spirit and really helps you get into a peaceful zone. If you have a habit of watching TV, try making one day a week for reading and TV free. See how it makes you feel.

What to do in Lockdown: #10 Redecorate or Take up on a Small House Project

Since we are spending so much time in our homes, now is the time to start making the spaces we share functional and comfortable. If your office is in the living room, maybe buy a bookcase to organize your paperwork and essentials. If you've been needing new light fixtures or curtains to make your room more cozy but have been putting off buying them... just do it. It'll make a huge difference.

What to do in Lockdown: #11 Take a Break from Podcasts, News and Social Media

This one tip will go a long way. We are not built to know what is happening more than a 10 mile radius around us; yet we are obsessed with knowing more than our brains and our hearts can process. Having too much information is part of our anxiety and right now, there is a lot going on in the world. It is time to give yourself permission to be a little ignorant at times and take some breaks from knowing every single thing in the media. By separating ourselves (a little bit) from the need to know everything, we actually give ourselves a space to be more present and less stressed out.

What to do in Lockdown: #12 Kiss and Cuddle More

Flirting is something all long term couples can be better at. We need to kiss more, cuddle often and stop taking life so seriously all of the time. If we get the luxury of being together more, we can practice taking more intentional time throughout the day to randomly give each other love taps and affection.

What to do in Lockdown: #13 Make Cards, Send Flowers, Leave Notes

Just because you are at home all the time, doesn't mean you can't step up the romance! Try leaving love notes around the house or send your partner flowers so you can see their face when they open the door. The little things are often the most meaningful. This can even be something you do for friends and family. Let someone you love know that you are thinking of them.

What to do in Lockdown: #14 Don't Isolate

Be sure you are talking to your partner, friends, family, therapist. During these times, it is important to have community and friendship. We know how hard it can be to discuss your feelings, but everyone is or has struggled recently, and we can all use a helping hand. Even if you can't see your family or friends in person, doesn't mean you can't spend time with them. Schedule monthly FaceTimes, continue doing your book club; enjoy virtual HH. It's not the same, but it beats being lonely.
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