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Subsummit 2018 Pitch Competition

Modern Love Box Subsummit

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Subsummit 2018 Pitch Competition : The Modern Love Box Wins!

What is Subsummit 2018? What is a Pitch Competition at Subsummit? Well, we didn’t initially know either, but we are so thankful we found out!

When Aron & I started The Modern Love Box, we had really no idea how big the industry truly was or how it was anticipated to grow. Months later, we decided to explore conventions that would be helpful for us to attend, so we can educate ourselves and network with other experts in the industry. Well, luckily, we found a convention that was exclusive to Subscription Boxes called Subscription Summit (or short for Subsummit 2018). We were elated when we realized it was also being hosted in Denver, of all places, so we were thrilled for the opportunity to join.  

The convention called Subsummit 2018, is designated for likeminded companies and individuals who value the innovative approach to subscription boxes. We applied to pitch our newer start up business to the Subsummit 2018 and were one of three companies to be chosen to share our business at the event. We were competing for a chance to not only win $20,000 in prizes for our business, but also have the opportunity to expose our business to experts in the industry for feedback and support. We were incredibly excited, yet, (as you can imagine), NERVOUS.  Aron and I spent days preparing for our pitch. Admittedly, we had never spoken publicly, nor had we ever competed in such a capacity. We both came to the realization pretty quickly, that we weren’t consumed with winning, but rather, we wanted the opportunity to share our passion and interest of The Modern Love Box. We were eager to share our story about the development, normalize the challenges of modern relationship struggles and share our mutual enthusiasm for our innovative resource.  The day of the Subsummit 2018, Aron and I were extremely overwhelmed. We were excited, we were nervous; we had no idea what to expect! Subsummit 2018 Modern Love BoxWe spent hours creating over 200 goodie bags with awesome print material, a communication activity and a fun mystery gift! We spent hours rehearsing our pitch and putting together the presentation. We felt mostly prepared, but had to push ourselves to leave the house and just breathe.  We arrived at the Sheraton Downtown, we walked in, experienced an overflow of excited people (over 750 people, to be exact!) Everyone was so excited, so alive. After a few hours of listening to amazing and helpful speakers, it was out time to pitch. Aron and I represented The Modern Love Box at Subsummit 2018, as best as we could, remembering maybe a third of our prepared speech. We simply, did the best that we could.  Immediately, we felt humbled. No longer nervous, we were just ourselves. The panel of expert judges asked questions, were curious and showed a lot of enthusiasm for our concept, design and execution. We were completely validated and felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation. These people are really getting our concept, these people are really excited about what The Modern Love Box has to offer!  Here’s a short recap video! And yes… Aron and I are expecting our first baby November 2nd! 🙂 We walked off the stage with a roaring applause, a sense of accomplishment and a crowd of people rushing to congratulate us. At that moment, we had felt the true prize. What an honor to have so many people rush to us to thank us for our business endeavor, to congratulate us on our exciting future; to express excitement about the opportunity to subscribe! Our goodie bags went within seconds, and our hearts filled as the feedback continued to generate.  Subsummit 2018 Winners The next day, we were announced as the Winner of Subsummit 2018 Pitch Competition! Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the announcement, as Aron’s sister was getting married, but we had our Marketing Assistants, (amazing) Photographer and Friends accept our prize in our honor! We were overjoyed, so appreciative and extremely humbled by the experience and the opportunity. Again, we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t even really think we would have a chance at being accepted once we applied to pitch. We truly cannot thank Subsummit 2018 for all the amazing opportunities and connections we had gained through this experience. Thank you for believing in us; in appreciating our business, my industry and for truly valuing relationships!!!!  Cheers,  The Modern Love Box A & A

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