Sexy Adventure Box

Sexy Adventure Box Includes:

  • Sexy Truth or Dare Sticks
  • Bijoux Indiscretes Shhh Blindfold/Hand Tie
  • Jo Strawberry Oral Delight Gel
  • Communication Activity & Curated Experience created by our Relationship Expert

*Box may include substitutions | Sportsheets Silky Sashes and Doc Johnson Good Head Oral Gel


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Our Boxes include items and activities for adult, long-term couples meant to inspire intimacy and quality connection. Our Sexy Adventure Box is curated by our Relationship Expert and is bound to enhance your physical and emotional intimacy.

Sexy Adventure Box : Spice Things Up!

We never stop being curious. It is in our nature to explore and be adventurous. We often get so consumed with daily habits, that we forget to tap into our wondrous spirit and sense of adventure. Sexuality, playfulness, risk-taking and curiosity go hand-in-hand. We sometimes need a little inspiration and guidance to nudge us in that direction!

Included in your Sexy Adventure Box, you will find playful tools to help inspire your curious side and help the two of you connect with your natural wondrous (SEXY) spirit! Be playful, be present and take fun risks that encourage you to explore outside of your comfort zones.

We dare you to be a little "bad” tonight.....….

Sexy Adventure Box Includes:

*Box may include substitutions | Sportsheets Silky Sashes and Doc Johnson Good Head Oral Gel

5 reviews for Sexy Adventure Box

This box was super fun! It gave us just enough inspiration to spice things up and such a great communication activity that felt really intimate. We really loved this box.

The oral delight was really fun!!

Pretty much loved everything about this box.

This box was exactly what we needed!!! I LOVED the build up of the communication card, it helped us break down some walls and feel emotionally close. The sexy truth or dare sticks made this entire box come together– WOW. That’s all I will say!

Was exactly what we needed to get out of the boring routine.

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