Nature Vs Nurture Box

Nature Vs Nurture Box


Have you ever really thought about what motivates us? What invokes fear or insecurity? What makes us behave in certain ways? Is it genetics, culture, social conditioning? Have fun exploring together with creative art, sexy art and provoking conversations!

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Our Boxes include items and activities for adult, long-term couples meant to inspire intimacy and quality connection. The items are curated by our Relationship Expert and are appropriate for any twosome looking to enhance their date night!

Nature vs Nurture Box Includes:

Ink Blot Art Kit

Edible Body Paint

Communication Activity

Personal Questions


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In your Nature vs Nurture Box, you’ll discover some fun and interesting ways to think outside of the box and explore more about yourselves and human nature. This box may challenge deep thought and spark awareness for both of you that you may have otherwise ignored. Enjoy a fun spin on creating Ink Blot designs together; then later, let yourselves be the canvases for more intimate creativity!