Creative Expression Box

Creative Expression Box


Included in your Creative Expression Box, you will find artistic and meaningful ways to connect and express yourselves. Enjoy answering fun questions through fun (hypoallergenic) body paint, then after enjoy a refreshing shower for two!

  • Loofah
  • Paint Brushes
  • Pulse Matcha Mint Body Wash
  • Natural Earth Body Paint
  • Creative Activity Card

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Our Boxes include items and activities for adult, long-term couples meant to inspire intimacy and quality connection. The items are curated by our Relationship Expert and are appropriate for any twosome looking to enhance their date night!

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8.5 × 2.75 in

1 review for Creative Expression Box

I love that this company considers allergies and sensitivities. I am really allergic to body paint, but this all natural paint was hypoallergenic and didn’t bother my skin at all! We had a lot of fun be silly– which was such a nice distraction from everyday “seriousness.” The body soap smelled amazing. We didn’t use the loofah, but otherwise, the concept of this box was super cute.

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We invite you to tap into your creative child-like sides and express yourselves in a very different way. Tonight, you aren’t striving for perfection. Instead, you are striving for “creative expression”. Tonight, you are an artist and you have a unique message to express to your lover…

– Loofah
– Paint Brushes
– Pulse Body Wash
– Natural Earth Body Paint
– Creative Activity Card