Our Boxes include items and activities for adult, long-term couples meant to inspire intimacy and quality connection. The items are curated by our Relationship Expert and are appropriate for any twosome looking to enhance their date night! With our Alter Ego Play Box, you will both escape into a fantasy world and bring back the mystery!

Alter Ego Play : The Alter Ego Box

Do you sometimes fantasize about being someone else? Or wonder what it would be like if you weren’t so confined to your roles and responsibilities? Especially after the year we all have endured, it can be the perfect time to step outside of your day-to-day stress and escape into alter ego play! Together, you can reconnect, be playful and let yourselves explore the mysteries of your alter egos!

Included in your Alter Ego Box, you will enjoy products and a curated experience to inspire alter ego play. Enjoy some fun and sexy goodies to inspire laughter, desire, and a tinge of mystery. Have fun teasing each other, fantasizing about alternative scenarios and later, have fun letting your alter egos shine!  .... Literally.

Alter Ego Box Includes:

*Box may have substitutions | Luminous Heart Pasties and The Seymour Meyer Lemon Daiquiri Cocktail Cubes.

2 reviews for Alter Ego Box

I really enjoyed the communication activity. The cocktail cubes were a fun addition, but I would suggest popping those in the freezer days or at least hours before starting this activity. I also LOVED the body oil. Made me feel sexy and tan!

This was so fun! I loved the communication activity.

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