Our Philosophy

Enhance your relationship's connection for longterm fulfillment.

Anticipate & Build Desire

Positive anticipation and unpredictable scenarios create desire. With The Modern Love Box, we conveniently take the pressure off you and your partner. No more stagnation, no more arguments regarding who plans date night, no more obligatory pressure of trying to come up with something different. So sit back, anticipate your box and get excited to explore!

Connect & Re-Engage

Re-engage and get unstuck from the daily grind. Created by a Relationship Expert, our boxes are intended to deliver experiences that get you both out of your comfort zones and into the present moment. Together, you will reignite the passion and bump up your quality time to be a meaningful and engaging experience.

Get Inspired & Grow

Our boxes are exactly what your relationship has been craving. Avoid boredom in your relationship and start connecting. Each box includes activities to promote interesting conversations, exercises created to reignite the spark and luxury products to stimulate desire.

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