The Modern Love Box Founders

The Modern Love Box Founders : Meet Alysha & Aron

Hi, welcome to The Modern Love Box! My name is Alysha and I am a Relationship Therapist, running my full time practice in Denver, Colorado. My husband, Aron, is a Digital Creative, running a full time company of his own, while he regularly collaborates with local start ups and other creative businesses. We both share a passion for building a strong relationship, entrepreneurship, travel, our Italian Greyhounds and sunshine. Together, we have merged our expertise, creating a unique company selling more than a subscription. 

The Modern Love Box is a unique company, because we are selling products that are meant to inspire overall relationship enhancement. We are unique because we have a great mixture of relationship expertise, as well as creativity and personal experience.

The Modern Love Box won’t just give you a box with cool stuff. We also include engaging experiences and concepts, leading you both to a moment of pure honesty, connection and fun. Our boxes are meant to be used as a tool to spice all things up, so you can learn something new about each other and re-engage more passionately and authentically.

As a relationship therapist, I work with individuals and couples struggling with cultivating and sustaining healthy/connected monogamous relationships. What is interesting, is most of my couples are not in heavy crisis. Most are actually pursuing a solution to prevent crisis. Because of this, I kept note of how often I would hear my couples (varying in age, sexual identity/gender and stage of their relationship), say  ‘We are great, but we want to avoid separation and learn how to deepen our connection.’  This theme is pretty consistent in my practice. (Beautiful, isn’t it?) Clients are going out of their way to seek preventative counseling services, to help them build the necessary tools to stay intrigued with each other and to help them grow longterm. Because ‘couples counseling’ still has a stigma in our culture and/or may not be needed or desired by everyone, my husband and I developed The Modern Love Box. An innovative and convenient way to help reach the couples out there that choose not to seek out a counselor, but who still crave the need to reconnect and enhance their relationship in similar ways.

I love that I am a younger therapist, barely in my thirties. I utilize my (short), but modern life experiences, as well as my educational background to conceptualize fresh, new monthly experiences. Each are meant to create relationship enhancement to promote reconnection and desire. All you need is an open mind and willingness. It’s that easy.

I earned a BA in Psychology and Sociology from Metropolitan State College of Denver, then later earned a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Regis University. Despite many people’s suggestions against it, I took the risk and went straight into private practice because I knew I was passionate about helping others create healthy relationships. I was eager to start my own thing in an attempt to de-stigmatize misconceptions about “counseling.” I am very grateful others in my community (especially my peers) have been so receptive. My approaches may not be text-book traditional, but it works for my clients. I try to normalize the idea that we all have our issues and relationship counseling does not need to be something we are ashamed of or is only sought out in emergency cases. We should want to invest in our relationships, as love is really the best gift we can give to ourselves and each other.

More specifically, my practice focuses on Intimacy Building, Relationship Counseling and even Business Partnership Coaching for professional relationships.  Aron and I believe business partnerships are extremely important, too, (obviously because we are a married couple working together). The lines of personal and business often bleed into each other which sometimes makes our connection even more difficult to sustain at times.

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My practice consists of much diversity and similiarly, The Modern Love Box is meant to inspire any open couple regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion/spiritual practice, race, ethnicity, marital status, length of years together, age, disability, etc. We are working toward developing more customized options [that would include products specific for same sex couples] in the future, but as of now, our program is really fluid and meant to work with any two people regardless of personal differences.

Our Modern Love Story

I was 22, Aron was 27.

I was loud, still in a social party phase, completely unaware of my own emotions; while Aron was quiet, to himself and mysterious. He was my roommate’s friend and although he wouldn’t say much when he would come over, I was immediately attracted to his energy. One evening, we all decided to go out to celebrate a friend’s birthday (which was rare for Aron to join). Completely out of Aron’s comfort zone and completely immersed in mine, we found ourselves ironically connecting over deep conversations on a downtown Denver rooftop bar. I was hooked!

Despite our obvious differences, Aron and I found ourselves bonding over things we couldn’t with others. We couldn’t deny our intriguing connection. We attempted to hide our little love affair from everyone for a couple months (although, I hear we were really bad at it). Three months later we found ourselves as roommates and we fell deeply in love. Six years later we married and we are going on our fourth year of marriage.

A rare match, indeed.

We aren’t perfect and have already had quite a journey thus far in our near ten year relationship, but we adore each other both in private and in public. Our friends would probably say we aren’t afraid to lightly bicker when we are frustrated, but we are truly affectionate and loving to each other.

Full disclosure, we go through our own lulls and have tough times, but we have imperfectly mastered the key to be aware of them, as well as have learned how to get out of them. We are constantly growing and learning how to re-connect and recharge. I promise, we practice what we are preaching and it isn’t always easy.

Our biggest accomplishment is our relationship, because we know how hard they are to sustain and actually enjoy longterm.

We truly hope you and your partner enjoy getting closer with The Modern Love Box. We are honored to be able to share a piece of our relationship’s journey with yours.

With love,

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