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Communication Activities for Couples

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Communication Activities for Couples : Introducing The Modern Love InBox! A new kind of a subscription. 

We get it, sometimes you run out of things to talk about or have a difficult time initiating “random questions.” It can be challenging at times to know how to expand on your communication, especially if you find yourselves comfortable in a routine.

Modern Love Box

I often hear from couples that even if they report their relationship is fulfilling, they often struggle with how to enhance their communication due to lack of knowing how to ask them or what questions to even ask.

We have created a convenient and affordable digital subscription that will help you step up any date night and enhance overall verbal communication and emotional intimacy! Our questions are perfect for any twosome at any stage of your relationship and are accessible to anyone, anytime.

Due to the feedback we were receiving about our Communication Activities (that are included in every box,) we wanted to offer a more convenient and affordable way to reap the benefits of our experiences, without the purchase of a box.

We get so much out of the communication exercises that sometimes the crafts and other activities feel a little distracting from the great conversations we get going. (If they ever start a subscription that’s JUST the discussion cards, I’d be all over it!) My partner and I have super busy schedules, so it’s nice to have an excuse to make time to connect. And I love the inclusive, open perspective of this subscription. Anna R, My Subscription Addiction.

Our new digital subscription is easy. The moment you sign up, you will receive a digital download of 10 questions that initiate easy and enriching conversations. 10 questions may not seem like a lot, however, each question really fosters a lot of provoking thought and emotion, which will help you both expand the convo. For only $12 a month, you can start your journey to more communication and connection!

Sample topics created by our Relationship Expert include: Self reflection, society, sex, relationship needs, childhood influences, values, definitions and meanings, etc.


So.. what are you waiting for?

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