5 Examples of Unconditional Love

5 Examples of Unconditional Love

Here are 5 examples of unconditional love that I personally experience in my relationships. Not everyone experiences unconditional love in the same way, and not everyone has the same definition of unconditional love.  It is important to understand what your definition looks likes. as well as understand how you experience unconditional love. It is important to understand where you’ve gathered your definition of unconditional love, as well as understand how it may apply to your relationships. My definition of unconditional love may be different than yours, however, I have highlighted 5 healthy examples of my definition of unconditional love that support you and your partner equally.

I was recently featured in an article from MyDomaine.com. They reached out and asked me questions regarding unconditional love and wanted my take on this emotional phenomenon.

Here are 5 examples of unconditional love from my perspective and form my definition.

Example #1 of Unconditional Love: Letting your guard down

Unconditional Love We have so many responsibilities and play so many roles on a daily basis, that we could use a safe place to just be. When you love someone unconditionally, you feel safe enough to be yourself—flaws and all. On the flip side: If your partner lets their guard down, you are able to witness their authenticity without passing any judgment.


Example #2 of Unconditional Love: Leaning on someone when you’re struggling

Being vulnerable is extremely difficult to do—we’re sure you’ve tried it and it just feels like you’re leaving your heart open to be hurt (seriously, we know the feeling). It’s also hard to ask for assistance. If we are experiencing an unconditional relationship, we feel confident in our partner to hold that space for us, to guide us or to protect us without feeling guilty, ashamed, or insecure for needing help.


Example #3 of Unconditional Love: Admitting when you’ve hurt your partner

If you can own up to it, it proves to your person that you care about their emotional well-being over your own ego. And this may ring a bell. We love them unconditionally, which means we feel comfortable enough to tell them when we have made a mistake, without fearing that they will rub it in our faces and hold it against us.


Example #4 of Unconditional Love: Telling your S.O. when you’re scared

Let’s get real: Most of our behaviors or perceived “negative emotions” are triggered by fear, (even if we’re not always aware of it). If we can admit to you we are afraid of something, we are trusting you with this secret vulnerability. We trust that you don’t look at us any different and we know you love us anyway.


Example #5 of Unconditional Love: Having the ability to empathize

Empathy is, quite plainly, everything. You can show your unconditional love for your partner by being able to empathize and listen, even if you don’t understand (or agree, for that matter). It’s all about hearing your S.O. because you know they need it and validating their struggles, even if you think they’re being slightly irrational. We empathize to show we care, to show our partners we are here, to show we can trust you.

Tell us, what is your definition of unconditional love? Have you ever experienced it?

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