Unique Valentine's Gifts

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

Unique Valentine's Day Gift for Every Couple : How to be more intentional this Valentine's Day

Need a unique Valentine's Day gift for your special boo this year? We got you covered! If you're in a relationship, then you know how challenging it can be to come up with something unique and thoughtful for Valentine's Day... year, after year. When February rolls around you may find yourself struggling to search for something you and your partner will enjoy. After skimming through endless flower bouquets and dark chocolate, you may suddenly find yourself feeling uninspired and stuck.
Well, our company is all about spicing things up in your relationship and creating intentional connection. Created by a Relationship Expert, our boxes and digital subscription provide you with the tools you need to invoke curiosity, spontaneity and fun, all while enhancing your level of intimacy.

Unique Valentine's Day Gift: #1 SEXY ADVENTURE BOX

Unique Gifts for Valentine's DayIf you are the type of couple who would like to add some spice in the bedroom or create it, we would recommend our best selling Sexy Adventure Box. Created specifically to enhance physical and emotional intimacy, our Sexy Adventure box is the perfect unique Valentine's Day gift for any pair. Filled with fun products to help inspire sexy time (how about a satin blindfold/handtie... or cherry oral gel?), as well as a communication activity with questions such as "If you had to choose, what would be more satisfying to you, Quality or Quantity in terms of sex?" or "What would you love to get out of exploring sexually with me?" This box is sentimental, erotic and totally bound to invoke quality intimacy!  

Unique Valentine's Day Gift: #2 LOVING REQUEST BOX

Unique Gifts for Valentine's Day If you are the type of couple that struggles at times with initiating sexy time or connection in general, this box is bound to inspire you both to have fun new ways to get the message across clearly! Our Loving Request Box is full of inspiration and is intended to bump up the mystery in your relationship so you both don't find yourselves stuck in a rut! Included in our Loving Request Box, you will find 100 Sex Questions that start at a fun X rated level, then intensify to XXX level; a natural soy candle and body lotion used only to nudge your partner that you're willing and open, as well as a fun "game" that allows your both to request IOU's for future connection. You also have a fun and intimate Communication Activity that inspires quality communication about your relationship and initiating.

Unique Valentine's Day Gift: #3 THE MODERN LOVE INBOX

If you're the type of couple that loves to talk (but doesn't always know what to talk about), or you are a couple that has run out of things to talk about over date night (it's ok.. we get it!), then this is the perfect gift for you two! Every month, you get a downloadable Communication Activity (similar to the one below) that has questions you take turns asking each other. Do it over the phone during times apart, over a glass of wine or at the table over dinner at your next date night! Your partner will appreciate the thought and you'll both enjoy communicating about deep and inspiring topics! Unique Valentine's Day gifts

Unique Valentine's Day Gift : The Modern Love Boxes

Clearly, we are a little bias. We think our boxes are the perfect gift for any twosome because we offer quality connection and supportive enhancement! Enjoy this Valentine's Day on a whole deeper level. Our Relationship Expert knows what couples are craving and each box or Communication Activity is inspired by real couple's requests and needs! Take a peek at all of our boxes and find one that fits for you!  
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