9 Must Ask Questions For Your Partner

9 Must Ask Questions For Your Partner: Why is it important to ask questions and enhance your communication?

Here are 9 Must Ask Questions For Your Partner: Been together for years? Just a few months? Regardless of the age of your relationship, you may find yourselves at times not really knowing what to communicate about. Unless it involves practical day-to-day tasks or work related issues, you may find yourselves in silence over romantic dinners or relying on sex or physical touch to offer you a sense of comfort. This doesn't mean your relationship is doomed. Nor does this mean there is something wrong in your relationship. It's just important to be aware of these missed opportunities to connect differently and gain the tools (such as The Modern Love Box) to help you create different experiences. Why? Well, because you are investing time, vulnerability, energy and commitment to your partner. Why not commit to growing in your partnership and learning more about each other? It will make your relationship more secure, more comfortable and safer when issues arise and discomfort pushes your comfort zones. Growth in your relationship also helps enhance intimacy and strengthens your bond. So, why wouldn't you want this?  One of the most important factors to The Modern Love Box's philosophy is having engaging, deep and intimate conversations, such as the 9 Must Ask Questions For Your Partner (below). We believe curious communication is just as important as working on your sexual and romantic connection.
Sometimes, we don't always know how to initiate curious conversations or what content to even bring to the table.
This is normal; this is also why we chose to create The Modern Love Box, because we know how difficult enhancing levels of your relationship can be at times. We also know how common this is. Included in each box, you both receive a curated experience that leads you to engaging communication and offers something different for you both to explore through products and activities. Below, you will find "9 Must Ask Questions For Your Partner," an example of what to expect from our Communication Activities. We suggest taking turns asking each other the following questions. Be sure you are both able to be engaged without any distractions. Be curious, playful, and most importantly honest. Challenge yourself to really think about your answers go outside of your comfort zones by expressing vulnerabilities and emotions. We hope you both appreciate the after effects of your experience once you have both shared your responses to each other.

9 Must Ask Questions For Your Partner: Want to feel closer? Want to engage in more intimate ways, but aren't sure how to initiate the convo?

Refer to our Communication Activity "9 Must Ask Questions For Your Partner" below as a gentle prompt for furthering your communication and feeling more emotionally connected. You're welcome. :)  Must Ask Questions For Your Partner Liked this exercise? Tell us about it! Know someone who would benefit from it? Share it with your friends!
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