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11 Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day

11 Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Do you ever think to yourself, “Do I even have any ideas for Valentine’s Day? We’ve done everything! I’ve gotten so many Valentine’s Day Gifts! What else left is there to do?” If you’re anything like me, you’ve also fallen off the romantic train a few times and you feel discouraged when the infamous romantic holiday rears it’s lovely head.

It can be challenging at times to think of something genuine, creative or even thoughtful when Valentine’s Day creeps up. We work a lot, we have social lives; life sometimes gets the best of our energy and when Valentine’s Day comes around, we may feel uninspired. Hey, it’s ok! 

Aron and I are not huge fans of Valentine’s Day, but we think it’s important to regularly date each other and do things that are intentional together. Whether you have spent hours racking your brain around ideas for Valentine’s Day, or you’d like to surprise your S.O. randomly, I’m hopeful this list will inspire you to enjoy time together. Don’t let your ideas for Valentine’s Day this year be obligatory or stressful! Make it a goal to make this year thoughtful and intentional!

In my opinion personal and professional opinion, the sexiest, most romantic and/or genuine thing you can do for one another is ENJOY QUALITY (Intentional) TIME TOGETHER.

Here are some unique and thoughtful ideas for Valentine’s Day that involve more QT than traditional dinner reservations:

1. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Kick it Ol’School

Ideas for Valentine's DayLock yourselves up in your house, turn off all electronics (except for maybe a music player) and play board games; make Hot Toddies; laugh at each other and be silly. This may seem “lame” to our modern standards, but the intentional thought process of spending such un-interrupted quality time, is actually really romantic. Get lost in being present with each other and see what happens when you don’t put any pressure on yourselves!

Ideas for Valentine's Day

2. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Couples Massage

“Well duh,” you may be saying! “This isn’t original!” Well, here’s the kicker… Instead of spending a bunch of money on a fancy couples massage, (one in which I may remind you, you aren’t even touching each other!) shop around and find your honey’s favorite scent in a massage oil and surprise them with a sexy and sensual home massage, with you as the masseuse/masseur. Maybe even purchase erotic massage cards (more geared toward heterosexual couples) or strengthen your techniques by reading up on some tips for male erotic massage or tips for female erotic massage. Set up a romantic and calming space in your home, even if its a sheet on the bed or the floor. Light candles, play calming music and take turns massaging each other. I’m sure this is a better way to relieve your tension anyway!

3. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Reminisce

Ideas for Valentine's DayThe actual definition of reminisce is to “indulge in a enjoyable recollection of past events.” How romantic and thoughtful is that? Plan an intention day or night to enjoy a bottle of wine, lay a blanket out on the living room floor and go over past photos, year books, albums, music that spark memories, etc. Anything that inspires enjoyable memories and fun. To complete the Valentine’s Day, maybe order in your favorite meal and relax together.

4. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Naked Dinner

Surprise your partner by starting their favorite meal in the kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron. I’m sure they won’t even notice you forgot to buy them a card! Have fun together and make it a point to be naked for the rest of the day/night together.

5. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Listen to Live Music

Take your partner to a random dive bar (or a nice jazz lounge if that’s more your thing) and listen to live music together. Make the night about the two of you enjoying a change of pace and environment, have a martini and indulge a bit.

6. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Go on a First Date

Ideas for Valentine's DayIf you’re in a long term relationship, then you know the novelty starts to wear off and normal day-to-day routines can be uninspiring. This is normal… and doesn’t mean you are not in love with your partner. It just means, we know each other sometimes too well. Maybe this year, ask your partner out on a first date and enjoy Valentine’s Day for the “first time.” Pretend to be strangers; ask each other the fun questions you would normally ask if you were on a first date; put reservations under false names; have fun being a different person with each other and flirt with the mystery of the unknown. Best part… you get to pretend to have a one night stand afterwards!

7. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Make Each Other Something

Ideas for Valentine's Day

Have you ever made your partner something? Or maybe you want to finally do X, Y, Z around the house that your partner has been asking you to do for months. Either way, try to find time to intentionally create or fix something for them. Maybe you include their favorite flower or small gift. You don’t have to be an artist or a professional handy-person, but the thought really does feel romantic and thoughtful for Valentine’s Day when you’ve put in the personal effort.

8. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Order Room Service

Ideas for Valentine's DayWhen you stay at a hotel, you usually order room service, right? This means, you usually eat in bed. Well, you don’t need to be at a fancy hotel to pretend your on a vacation. It’s all about creating the intention and sticking to the fantasy of being away on a trip together. Do what you normally do on vacation; take a nice hot shower together, put on your robes and play a funny movie. Order “room service” (ie. your favorite take out joint) and eat dinner in bed together.

9. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Speak Their Language

If you’re familiar with Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, then you probably know you and your partner don’t always speak the same ones. You partner may need physical touch to feel love, where as you may need them to do things around the house for you. Whatever your language, they are important. Maybe take the quiz together and attempt to speak each other’s language for the evening.. (maybe even the rest of the week!)

10. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Go on a Staycation 

We are HUGE FANS of staycations! If your budget and schedule permits, book a hotel room, Airbnb or Bed and Breakfast… even if it’s only 20 minutes away from your home. Stay in the city, go to the mountains… Whatever gets you out of your daily grind! Maybe check out which hotels are near your favorite restaurant so you can walk there or go to a city you’ve never been nearby.

11. Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day : Snag a Sexy Adventure Box

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Relationship Subscription Box : Created by an Expert

Relationship Subscription Box : Created by a Relationship Expert & Her Husband

What is a relationship subscription box and who would benefit from it? How does it work and what can you expect from a relationship subscription box membership?

Relationship Subscription Box

Photo Credit: My Subscription Addiction

Hi there! My name is Alysha Jeney, MA, MFT-C, I am the owner of Modern Love Counseling, and Co-Founder of The Modern Love Box. In my practice, I specialize in all things relationships. Whether it is a new couple wanting to enhance their already great relationship to avoid extreme issues in the future with Preventative Counseling; or a couple who has been together for quite some time and suffer from intimacy issues, communication problems and/or severe ruptures that have caused trust to be broken; individuals wanting to learn how to better understand themselves so they can better open up and find a genuine connection; individuals in a relationship unsure if they are in the “right” relationship; even business partners looking to enhance their professional and personal relationship for longterm success and development. I am a “modern [millennial] therapist” and understand the modern day struggles of dating, sharing vulnerability and finding the right balance in our extremely busy lives.

One day it clicked for me. I came home after seeing a full day of clients and thought to myself; “So many of my couples don’t know how to deepen their relationship or initiate growth. Luckily, my couples are in counseling, doing the hard work and learning to be vulnerable and take emotional risks to better connect with each other. BUT there must be a huge population of couples out there that don’t seek out counseling for this and still struggle with how to grow together; how to deepen their connection and/or how to enhance their relationship for longterm growth and fulfillment.” 

I was noticing how often my couples were under-utilizing “date night” when I would advocate for them to prioritize it. They were often going to the same places; having the same conversations; having sex in the same way. They weren’t really understanding how to enhance that experience. THIS IS THE BASIS OF THE MODERN LOVE BOX! We wanted to create a relationship subscription box that was inspired by my clients and created by my husband and I, to help couples get inspired and motivated to enhance their already great relationship.

relationship subscription box

Photo Credit: My Subscription Addiction

Relationship Subscription Box : The Modern Love Box

The experience our relationship subscription box provides is a modern day spin on what (I believe) most of our grandparents were forced to do when they were dating. They didn’t have the distractions that our culture seems to really struggle with; they had to engage in an “old school” way, in order to learn more about each other and create fun in their relationship. Our relationship subscription box forces you to engage. Our relationship subscription box stimulates your curiosity and pushes you both out of your comfort zones. It creates an experience that is expert developed and longterm relationship approved. Our relationship subscription box is more about the quality engagement, rather than a box of STUFF.

We didn’t realize how many relationship subscription boxes were out there; but when we started The Modern Love Box, we soon realized many of us have a like-minded desire to help couples connect! (Which is awesome!) Although many of the relationship subscription boxes out there are more geared toward a fun date-night, our relationship subscription box is more geared toward quality relationship enhancement.

How does this relationship subscription box work?

Well, in 2018, we decided to change up our model a bit and go to quarterly boxes, instead of monthly boxes. This is helpful because it offers our couples more time to really enjoy their experience and avoid monthly boxes pilling up. Also, receiving a relationship subscription box every 3 months creates more meaning and our couples will hopefully find more excitement when they receive their seasonal relationship subscription box. Read more about how it works, here.

Who would benefit from The Modern Love Box? In my professional opinion, our relationship subscription box is ideal for any couple at any stage of their relationship wanting to enhance their communication, intimacy and overall connection. This box is gender neutral, (meaning same sex couples are welcome).

What can we expect from The Modern Love Box?  “I really like this little date box! I’m big on communication, but I’m also the one in the relationship who does more of it more willingly—my partner isn’t shut-off by any means, but he’s not as apt to gab about all of his feelings and worldly observations as I Relationship Subscription Boxam. But something about this fortune box really got both of us sharing, and sharing deep things, too. I loved the opportunity to spend about two hours or so focused on just the two of us. We talked, we laughed, and we got to know a bit more about what one another wants from life and our relationship. It was really nice to get a little vulnerable and talk about our big dreams for the next year and for our time together.” – Anna Reilly, My Subscription Addiction.

We are going to make some changes in 2018 and will offer more product in our boxes. You can expect 4-5 luxury items, a communication activity as well as a trifold that offers suggestions on how to create and make the most of the overall experience.

Not ready to subscribe? No problem! We also offer our favorite 2017 boxes on our shop that you can pay a one time charge for a single box without a subscription! Use Promo Code Join20 for 20% OFF today!

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